Texas Music Gets BIG Boost

There’s a big change a’comin to Texas radio in Amarillo and its a HUGE deal for the Texas/Red Dirt music scene.

Cumulus Media-Amarillo has announced that it will flip the frequencies of two of its Country radio stations on Monday, January 15, 2018, as its increasingly popular Texas Red Dirt Country station KPUR-FM/“The Armadillo” moves from 107.1 on the dial to the more powerful 100,000-watt signal 95.7, which has been home to Cumulus Media’s Country-formatted KARX-FM.

Once flipped, Texas Country 95.7, The Armadillo will have a significantly stronger signal and better coverage in the market, allowing the burgeoning Country station to reach Texas Red Dirt Country music lovers in towns surrounding Amarillo and making it the most powerful station in the U.S. to broadcast exclusively independent Texas Red Dirt Country music. The stations’ respective websites will launch their new online homes on January 15th at: www.kpur957.com and www.1071nashicon.com.

The music scene is super lucky to have a friend in the folks who are running that station and especially Craig Vaughn, the Operations Manager/Program Director.  Craig has been a HUGE supporter and champion of the scene for a long time.

What does this mean for the artists who are making the kind of music we all love and follow?  More exposure!  More fans being able to hear it will hopefully allow the venues up in that part of the world to bring in more artists.

So thank you Amarillo’s Cumulus Media for recognizing the importance of our scene!

Author: Katie Key

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