Texas Music Pickers Songwriter Challenge Videos (Word Set #1)

We sent out a songwriter challenge 3 weeks ago that asked aspiring songwriters to pen a song with one of the 10 random word sets we provided them with, film an acoustic performance of that song, and get it back to us before the deadline (last Sunday). 

Check out all of the video submissions below for Random Word Set #1 and if you like what hear, be sure to check out more information on the artist!

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(Random Word Set #1: fog, pain, prayer, goal, clock, proud, cut, smoke, strong, trust)


Jay Dirks – I’ll Be Tryin


For more info on Jay Dirks: https://www.jaydirksmusic.com/


 Corey Hunt – When the Smoke Clears


More info on Corey Hunt: http://www.coreyhuntmusic.com/


Kenna Danielle – Dust Collects 


For more info on Kenna Danielle: http://www.kennadanielle.com/


J.R. Castillo – Between Your Pain and a Prayer


For More Info on J.R. Castillo: http://www.jrcastillo.com/


Cody Wayne – Rock Bottom


For More Info on Cody Wayne:  http://www.codywaynemusic.com/


Jeff Jacobs Band – Prayer and a Goal


More info on Jeff Jacobs: http://www.jeffjacobsband.com/


Valerie Carter (of the Carter Hilltop Band) – Like Air


For More Info On Valerie Carter: https://www.facebook.com/band.carter52/


 Snake River Red – Nights Like These


For more info on Snake River Red: http://www.snakeriverred.com/


Liz Robledo – I’d Be Lying


More info on Liz Robledo: https://www.facebook.com/Robledosongs/


Hallie Lord – Singing in the Rain


For More Info on Hallie Lord: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Hallie.lord.music


Jameson Dean – Stood Strong

More info on Jameson Dean: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKVRJlOYg_Mx1wq0jXD8Z_g


Barrett O’Donnell w/ Samuel Davidson & Katie Taylor – Can’t Rely Upon a Prayer

For More info on Barrett O’Donnell: http://www.bearote.com/


Cliffs + Caves – You Know That You Know


For more info on Cliffs + Caves: http://www.cliffsandcaves.com/


Alex Christensen – Divorce



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