Texas/Red Dirt Music Message Board

We’ve been using social media as a tool to help us stay informed on the happenings of the Texas/Red Dirt scene since we launched and for the most part it’s worked pretty well. However, it’s seems with each passing month, it becomes a less effective tool to stay in the loop. Between the algorithms, limited reach of posts, the volume of information, the high rate of video content, the growth of our scene, the growth of artists who are not going the traditional route and how far spread out everything is, it’s become increasingly difficult to keep up with it all…
We’ve been trying to think of something that might help out not only us, but anyone else who wants to stay in the loop. We were brainstorming ideas, trying to think of something innovative, but we ultimately came to the decision that perhaps something new wasn’t the solution, maybe it was something that’s not so innovative….a message board.
Message boards used to reign supreme before the days of social media, but maybe they’re now, or soon will be, a better way to make people aware of new music, cool events, open gigs, job openings etc.. and offer a place for discussion and expression that revolves around the Texas/Red Dirt Scene. Something not controlled by algorithms. Something that multiple people can contribute to. Something that’s not focused around the day-to-day stuff, show promotion, or video content. A centralized location for our community to stay informed and inform each other that’s not subject to ever changing landscape of social media.
Our main website isn’t going to change at all, this will just be a section of it we’re going to add. We’ll run a test period for the rest of the year (and may make a few changes along the way), but if people dig it and it seems to be working well, we’ll keep it going.
Take a look around. Let us know what think. Create a topic. Leave a reply. Offer a suggestion, Let’s see how this goes…

Author: Chris Fox

Music addict, a sucker for heartbreak songs, and avid Houston sports fan! I'am also the Editor-in-Chief of Texas Music Pickers.

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