Texas Talent Search: Nominate New Artists

Texas Music Picker Taylor Ashlynn is looking to showcase Texas Country, Red Dirt, and Americana singer/songwriters from 12 cities across the state of Texas.

With such a large area like Texas, major music hubs form throughout the state creating groups of artists and styles in each hub. Many of these artists create a major following in their hub but can’t break the threshold of another hub city. We’d like to put artists from each hub on the radar to all of Texas in a city series which will release once every week.

The 12 cities are Lubbock, Dallas, Fort Worth, Stephenville, Austin, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Midland, Amarillo, El Paso, College Station, and Houston.

Here is our survey link to nominate artists from these 12 cities for our showcase:


This link closes July 1st. Thank you for your nominations!

* AMMENDMENT: LINK NOW CLOSES JUNE 27th due to massive influx of voting. Thank you for caring about Texas artists voices.

Author: Taylor Ashlynn

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210 thoughts on “Texas Talent Search: Nominate New Artists

  1. Seth Ward is so talented! We are so lucky to have him play for our local rodeo and reunion in August!!

  2. Kat Hasty Midland, San Angelo, Stephenville, etc. perfect for new talent singer/song writer!!

  3. I would like to nominate Andy Toole – major talent and very unique!! Dallas, Texas

  4. Rock, country, Americana sensation Heather Rayleen, Houston, TX. She plays a mean fiddle, too.

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