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bart roseBart Rose has made quite a name for himself over the last 25 years. Over the course of that time, he’s worked with the talents of great artists like The Toadies, Pat Green, Asleep at the Wheel, and Six Market Boulevard. The list of satisfied clients (Studio A Clients ) is as impressive, as it is long! It all started for Rose in the 9th grade with choir classes and music theory. From there, he learned to play the guitar, which ultimately led to his career in producing. Rose told us “my stepfather made a bet with me. If I could learn to play Van Halen’s Eruption, he would buy me a drum machine and a 4 track recorder. I pulled it off pretty well and got the gear for Christmas. Soon after, I was bitten by the recording bug and started buying better equipment. ” Rose then decided to follow his passion, attending recording school at The Recording Workshop in 1991. Upon his return to Texas, he hit the clubs looking for work, and 25 years later he’s still here, in his 3rd location, and is now considered one of the hottest producers in the Texas music scene.Bart rose 1

If you look at the bands Texas Music Pickers has promoting as some of the best new bands emerging on to the scene, it would look like this: Dolly Shine, Dusty Smirl, Judson Cole Band, Tyler James, Mike Ryan, Saints Eleven, Brandon Steadman, and Koe Wetzel and the Konvicts. Do you want to guess what they all have in common? Yep, they’re all clients of Bart Rose! He also has plenty of projects in the works, “I just finished the new Saints Eleven album, finishing a Prophets and Outlaws radio single, tomorrow is The Calamity Janes, and next month is TC Fambro and the Copperheads…” If you look at Rose’s resume over the last few years, with highlights consisting of 2011 and 2012 FW Weekly Magazine Producer of the Year and 2013 Big Star 97 Song of the Year for Chad McBride’s “You, Texas, and Me”, it’s no wonder why artists are lining up to get the technical know-how and expert musicianship of this producer and engineer.

So what’s on the horizon for Bart Rose and Ft. Worth Sound, Rose told us “I’m always searching for talented new artists and I’m always looking to start new projects of any kind as long as it’s good music. Maybe a record label?.. hmmm Recording is my passion and I will keep doing it as long as my ears hold up..”

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