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If you haven’t been able to keep up with all of the great music that’s come out in the last few weeks, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!  Our list of recent adds includes new music from Cody Jinks, Wade Bowen, Koe Wetzel, Will Hoge,  and more!

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Recent adds:

Cody Jinks – Less Wise (Modified) (New Album) (2 Tracks)

Wade Bowen – Day of the Dead

Koe Wetzel – Austin 

Will Hoge – Thoughts & Prayers

Josh Grider – My First Band

Josh Grider – A Woman

Drew Womack – Here’s Some Stuff I Wrote…(New Album) (3 Tracks)

Mike and the Moonpies – Beaches of Biloxi

Jackson Taylor & the Sinners – Long Line of Lovers

Aaron Einhouse – John’s Camaro 

Jake Worthington – Hell of a Highway (New Single)

Erick Willis – Tumbleweed (Shake Studio Series)

Jay Dirks – You Won’t Fool Lonely

Tanner Fenoglio – This Town (New Single)

Clay Hollis – Hard Headed Heart

Clay Hollis – Call It a Night

Aaron McDonnell – Lucky Me (New Album) (1 Track)

Ryan Wilcox  – Sunday Morning Sin (New Album) (3 Tracks)

Brian Chance – Burns Like the Whiskey

Cottonwood Crows – Back to You (New Single)

Copper Chief – Copper Chief (New Album) (4 Tracks)


Author: Chris Fox

Music addict, a sucker for heartbreak songs, and avid Houston sports fan! I'am also the Editor-in-Chief of Texas Music Pickers.

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