Usrey’s “Beautiful Lies” Hits Our Feels [SINGLE PREMIERE]

Texas Country singer/songwriter Tanner Usrey releases his second single “Beautiful Lies” tomorrow, Aug. 16. Here’s our exclusive *pick* of “Beautiful Lies.”

Produced by Usrey and Tanner Landry at Sound Studio B in Fort Worth, “Beautiful Lies” has a melancholy acoustic sound. There’s a subtle difference in the lead acoustic by Jon Wallace and Usrey’s rhythm acoustic. Landry’s hint of organ adds dimension and that country heartbreak sound we’ve come to crave. The single is remnant of Shane Smith’s songwriting meets Read Southall’s acoustic sessions.

“The song is about being in a relationship where you know and feel yourselves growing apart, but you want to turn away from that fact and keep it going just a little bit longer,” Usrey said. “I am so excited to be able to release this song.”

Chorus “I know you’re leaving. Yeah, you’re standing at that door, and I can see the heartbreak in your eyes” gives a gut punch to listeners as the acoustics strum softly. Usrey’s vocals lightly shake, making this song feel real, creating a tangible heartache. His hold out of “anyway” in the bridge is strong with anger and smooth vibrato.

“Beautiful Lies” is exactly the kind of song we love to replay 20 times, reminiscing on past decisions and regrets. It’ll be available on all listening platforms tomorrow. Listen here FIRST with Usrey’s *EXCLUSIVE SINGLE PREMIERE* on TMP.

Author: Taylor Ashlynn

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