Very Merry with Larry [LJT Day 1 Recap]

Larry Joe Taylor’s Texas Music Festival began with a merry ruckus yesterday, April 22. During this 6-day event, we’ll be easing your FOMO (fear of missing out) by diving into a daily recap of the festivities.

Buck Fuffalo kickstarted Day 1 at LJT with a three hour bangin’ set. With the crowd yelling “we want raunchy” and shots between tunes, Fuffalo kept the entertainment on high. The highlight of his performance was his remix of “Moonshine” off of his recently released album, “Fables and Folklore of the 21st Century.” T-Bird’s bartender Tori had to remove the tequila bottle from Fuffalo’s possession while he was using it as a guitar slide and slinging shots at the same time.

Josh Grider broke in the HydroPros stage with a surprising mix of alternative style country. His brand of polished radio country had the crowd flocking to T-Bird’s new stage. With explosive energy, the festival-goers sang along to favorites “Two Truths and a Lie” and “Bad Times Roll.” Grider’s highlight was the upbeat grooving he delivered to the audience.

Closing down the stage performances for night one was Six Market Blvd. Some of the band’s cult following had waited for hours in front of the HydroPros stage to rock out with their favorite musicians. The overwhelming feeling of family took over the room as beers swayed in the air. Six Market’s stage presence donkey kicked a totally rad start to LJT week,

After hour shows are rampant among campsites and Radio Row for those who hadn’t gotten their fill of jamming. The campfire sessions are a favorite of us Pickers.

We’ll let you know how today goes tomorrow, but in the meantime, vibe to your favorites on our TMP Spotify Playlist wherever you are.

Author: Taylor Ashlynn

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