“Whiskey and Pride” and a Cory Morrow Album Premiere

This Friday Cory Morrow’s highly anticipated album “Whiskey and Pride” releases. It’s filled with old Morrow sounds, new grooves and lyrical ingenuity.

Whiskey and Pride:

  1. Restless
  2. One Foot
  3. Whiskey and Pride
  4. Top Of My Heart
  5. Your Smile
  6. Revival
  7. Always and Forever
  8. Blue Collar
  9. Come On Funny Feeling
  10. Let’s Take This Outside
  11. Daisy Diane
  12. Breath
  13. Hill Country Rain


Remnants of Zydeco, ’80s soft folk and Americana sprinkle this album from songs like “Blue Collar” and “Daisy Diane.” That recognizable backyard sound Cory Morrow has perfected slips through in “Restless,” “One Foot,” “Revival” and “Come On Funny Feelin’.”

Beginning with a tinge of electric guitar, album namesake “Whiskey and Pride” tells a story of man’s failure to overcome pride. Lyrics “so keep lying to yourself and hang on to your fears” are relatable to the masses and a reminder of the pride that often overtakes us. The vocal softness and steady rhythm of “Whiskey and Pride” is a hallmark of Morrow’s greatest songs.

The emotional songs of the album include “Your Smile” and “Breath.” Both uphold an acoustic and raw sound while adding a small hint of steel guitar to steer you into that quiet place. The female harmony in “Breath” really brings this song out of the background and is sure to envoke goosebumps.

In the midst of the fiddle streams and fun feelings is standalone song “Always and Forever.” The track starts with an isolated church tune piano and is met by an acoustic guitar and light fiddle notes. When Morrow begins singing, something about the length of the vocals is comforting. “Always and Forever” has very much of an older Christian song vibe. Words like “eternally bound” and “that light which I need” are indicators of the love which shines through in “Always and Forever.”

“Whiskey and Pride” will release on iTunes and Spotify tomorrow. Be sure to download and listen, along with our TMP Spotify Playlist.


Website: https://corymorrow.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/corymorrowband

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/cory-morrow/6668838

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0XRBwgqB24RnxXi7BFYNxC

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